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Three associate judges announce they will run for circuit positions

CANDIDATE FILING INFORMATION AUGUST 7, 2018 PRIMARY ELECTION When and Where to File:. $100 – U.S. Representative, Circuit Judge, and State Senator $50 – State Representative. *Some Supreme, Appellate, Circuit Court and Associate Circuit Court judges are either on

EDWARDSVILLE – Touting a record of proven experience and a commitment to integrity, Associate Judge Steve Stobbs of Godfrey announced he will be a Republican candidate for Circuit Judge in the.

The circuit courts started out as the trial courts for most federal criminal cases and for some civil suits, including those initiated by the United States and those involving citizens of different states. But early on, they did not have their own judges; the local district judge and two Supreme Court justices formed each circuit court panel.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has announced plans for Independence Day traffic enforcement with a focus on impaired and unbuckled drivers. The safety campaign will run from Monday through July 8,

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Login to shop for Deals and books or to chat. TUSCOLA – Attorneys interested in becoming an associate judge in the 6th judicial circuit have until May 5 to apply in the wake of an associate.

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At least 2 associate judge candidates this last go around had a particular black judge tell them that they are not "black enough." I dare say, "Captain Black" has done such a pitiful job of getting black associate judges elected that somebody should revoke HIS black card and send him back to . . . wait for it . . .

In Northern Ireland, the equivalent to a circuit judge is a county court judge, and they are addressed and titled the same way as a circuit judge is in England and Wales. The senior county court judges assigned to the county court divisions of Belfast and Derry have the titles of Recorder of Belfast and Recorder of Londonderry (or Derry) respectively, but are addressed the same as other county court judges.

The Governor thanked Judge Spicer for her dedicated judicial service, and announced that she will fill the position by appointment. Judge Spicer’s retirement takes effect December 31, 2019. The Governor’s office will use its standard circuit court interest form for this Justice Court vacancy.

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