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The other day I came across an article describing 8 mistakes our brains make subconsciously, and it struck me that I was experiencing one of them at that very moment, namely the sunk cost fallacy. Let it go, already. (photo – "sunken skiff" by Jenny Spadafora) There’s lots of information online about this phenomenon, so.

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It’s the "sunk cost fallacy." This fallacy has to do. all the money spent on those previous repairs to go down the drain. So the third unwise guideline for decision-making: Guideline 3: Never let.

Let’s hope more teams including the Jays learn to avoid the. This scenario is a classic case of something called The Fallacy Of Sunk Costs – an emotional snare that can trap us into making bad decisions. The meal was paid for and the cost is sunk. Sometimes it’s best to let things go rather than pushing forward.

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The Sunk Cost Fallacy- A Major mind mistake.. (financially and otherwise) thought mistakes is the Sunk cost fallacy.. time, emotional can be so strong that even when you do see it from a rational point you still can’t let it go! It’s the letting go that’s sometimes the hardest thing.

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But when we come to the realization that it cannot – and yet we refuse to take action because of our investment, we’ve again been taken captive by the sunk cost fallacy. Example 6 – The Stock Market Misjudgment. Keeping in mind that the original context of the sunk cost fallacy was economic, we’ll go with one final example.

The sunk-cost fallacy is a trap most people fall into. It’s hard to abandon a project once you’ve invested so much of your time and money into the cause. Unfortunately, the sunk-cost fallacy prevents a very real danger to our lives: by falling for the trap, we risk losing much more than our initial investment in an anxious attempt to recoup.

meditation was helpful in making a decision to give up on a sunk cost. So, start by stepping back, breathe slowly, watch your breath go in and out, pay attention to your mind, and let go of.

The sunk cost fallacy – Let it go! – www.fightingdads.com Option not Obligation: How to Beat the Sunk Cost Fallacy. – With the costs being equal, and the option B outcome being significantly better, the obvious logical choice is option B, but so few people make this choice.

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