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Should you co-sign your child’s loan?

When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Cosign a Loan. Under most circumstances, when a loan or debt requires someone co-sign before approval, it means the lending party believes it’s too risky to trust the borrower on their own. There are a few situations where this may be alright. For example, cosigning a child’s student loans,

Cosigning risks. Oftentimes, in the excitement and turmoil of a child going to college, parents don’t take into account the potential risks of cosigning a college loan. Other than the debt that will be accumulated, some of the other risks include: Credit history damage. The borrower and cosigner are both responsible for repayment.

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Your child should also be aggressively applying to any scholarship they can find. Scholarships can help reduce the need for loans. They can also be inspiring – they often require that your children maintain high grades. If you still decide to cosign, make sure you protect yourself. There are two big things you need to if you’re going to cosign:

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but a lot of parents cosign on a child’s student loan so they can pay for tuition. The good news is if your child makes timely, regular payments once the loan kicks in, some loan providers will allow.

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However, the Bryski legislation begs the question – should you co-sign a student loan. of your assets. Try to nip that negative scenario in the bud by talking to your son or daughter who is most.

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Imagine you make a $300 monthly payment toward your child’s student loans over a 10-year period. If you were to save that money in an IRA or 401(k) instead and invest it at an average annual 7% return.

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“You can’t borrow to fund your retirement,” he points out. When it comes to college, cosigning or taking out loans for your children’s schooling should be a last resort, Reed says. “Frankly, I would.

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