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Pimco Warns That Central Banks Can’t Rescue the Bond Market

View images, videos, and more on Mohamed El-Erian on Financial Post. Sign In. this global stock market rout has deeper causes, warns investing. Central banks can’t save the world this time.

Speaking in a Bloomberg TV interview on Thursday, Kiesel said that “the market has priced in a lot of good news right now” and with all major asset classes overbought, the Pimco CIO “would be tilting the portfolio towards high quality Treasuries, agencies, investment-grade corporate bonds, owning less high-yield and owning less levered.

He warns, however, that if the Fed abrogates its duty in the Treasury market as a buyer of last resort, the implications would be profound. Filmed on June 3, 2019 in New york. luke gromen, founder and president of Forest for the Trees, sees an investment opportunity in rising U.S. government deficits.

Anonymous August 27, 2007 at 8:59 am. What Gross is saying is sth else. Let the government provide liquidity for the common man, as it has done repeatedly for Banks etc. Also, let the Fed negotiate with lenders so that they allow more time to borrowers, like they did for LTCM so that the common man who is mortgages but can still pay can keep his house, albeit with lower equity.

 · I.M.F. Warns of Risk From Emerging-Market Corporate Debt. in recent years after central banks around the globe started making extraordinarily large purchases of government and corporate bonds.

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 · Good Evening, Mr. Bond. When the Fed prints money, the do it by purchasing bonds in the market and crediting the seller with money that comes out of thin air. This puts money into the system, but it takes the bonds out of circulation. But banks need the bonds to support collateralized transactions in the swap markets.

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Inflation-linked bonds, or ILBs, are securities designed to help protect investors from inflation. Primarily issued by sovereign governments, such as the U.S. and the UK, ILBs are indexed to inflation so that the principal and interest payments rise and fall with the rate of inflation. Inflation can significantly erode investors’ purchasing power, and ILBs can potentially provide protection.

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