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Lil Kim reorganizes her debts, now wants bankruptcy case dismissed – theGrio

Lil’ Kim Wants Dismissal of Bankruptcy Case A year after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the ‘magic stick’ hitmaker informs a federal judge that she has got her finances in order and no longer needs protection from her creditors. lil kim Heads to Court to Ask For Bankruptcy Case to Be Dismissed Cruz is VIP+ Member Support this group and.

Lil Kim reorganizes her debts, now wants bankruptcy case dismissed – theGrio The Boy Scouts of America is exploring a range of options to address it’s increasingly shaky financial situation. Those may include declaring bankruptcy, with the more than century-old.

; AceShowbiz – Rapper Lil’ Kim has offered to sell her house to pay off the $4 million (3 million) debt she owes to creditors in new bankruptcy court filings.. The Crush on You.

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Female Rapper Lil’ Kim has reportedly filed for bankruptcy, having accrued around $4 million in debt, and is prepared to sell her New Jersey mansion in order to clear it all up.. The 42-year-old, whose full name is Kimberly Denise Jones, recorded several hit tracks since teaming up with the late Christopher Wallace A.K.A The Notorious B.I.G back in 1994, but she’s hardly relevant on the music.

Lil’ Kim wants bankruptcy case dismissed.. She asked the court to convert her case from a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 11 so that she could reorganize her debts, and told the judge that she will.

Lil Kim reportedly filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy last month after incurring over $4 million of debt.. According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the Hip Hop vet has assets totaling.

; AceShowbiz – Lil’ Kim has asked a judge to dismiss her bankruptcy case, as she now has her finances in order and is not at risk of losing her home.. The "Crush on You" hitmaker filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy last year (2018), in a bid to resolve her debts and save her New Jersey mansion from foreclosure after she missed a $10,155 (8,020) mortgage repayment.

 · Lil Kim Asks for Bankruptcy Case to be Dismissed. Around this time last year, Lil Kim filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a move to save her New Jersey.

Rapper Lil Kim has been able to get her finances in order and believes she is no longer in need of bankruptcy help from the courts. The post Lil Kim reorganizes her debts, now wants bankruptcy case dismissed appeared first on theGrio.

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