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Interest rate impact: what comes next for borrowers and savers

You borrow $10,000 today at a nominal rate of 5%; inflation for the past 10 years has been exactly 2%. Today, inflation instantly rises to 7% and stays that way for the duration of your loan. Based on the above information, ceteris paribus (all else equal), today: the real rate of interest on your loan is now -2%.

The Federal Reserve’s latest move is a win for borrowers but a wake-up call for savers grappling with interest rates already at historic lows.

By Maria Hasenstab, Public Affairs Staff. In the current low interest rate environment, it’s common to wonder who benefits: savers or borrowers. Savers dutifully put pennies in their piggy banks, giving up some current consumption for future spending power.

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Fees basically amount to a negative interest rate. If you pay a $60 annual fee (or $5 monthly maintenance fee) on your deposit account, and you hold an average of $2,000 in that account, it’s the equivalent of paying a negative 3% interest rate.

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A sudden, sharp rise can have a massive impact on household finances, as Maureen Twiddy is all too aware. Maureen, 49, and husband Paul, 56, owned a house in Carlisle in the early 1990s when interest.

Meanwhile, banks have been quicker to increase the interest charged to borrowers on credit. The Fed’s next chance to raise interest rates comes in February. In the meantime, McBride of

The Fed Just Raised interest rates. 3 ways That Will Impact You. fast at raising rates that borrowers pay on loans. But don’t expect the banks to suddenly pay higher interest on your savings.

The move will affect borrowers with variable-interest rate debt, like credit card debt. And if you’re in the market for a new CD or savings account , a rate cut will impact you, too.

Even when this adjustment is made, the resulting real interest rates are still low by. Low Interest Rates, Part 2: Implications for the Federal Reserve, by Marc Labonte.. borrowing (called deleveraging) during the crisis after having. Real interest rates represent the price at which savers are willing to lend.

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Intuition as to why high real interest rates lead to low investment and why low rates lead to high. Connecting the keynesian cross to the IS curve. Next lesson.

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