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Australia’s debt dilemma – a concern or a crisis?

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A key anxiety is debt. Not just student loan debt or credit card debt, but public debt, which can threaten social stability and lead to higher taxes and cuts to government programs. This concern is.

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In recent years, and particularly around elections, there has been significant discussion around Australia’s debt levels, as well as Australia’s fiscal position (that is, the Government’s taxation and spending). However, to understand the real implications of debt, it helps to look carefully at what the numbers mean.

Household debt hit a record $2.44 billion in December, but this was not surprising due to population growth and higher incomes. A more meaningful way to measure debt levels is to express it as a percentage of household disposable income (this is known as the debt to income ratio).

Too much foreign debt, the argument went, risked a financial and economic crisis if foreigners, for whatever reason – spooked, say, by a collapse in the price of Australia’s commodity exports.

That would be equivalent to roughly 10-16 percent of current GDP – bigger than the package rolled out during the global financial crisis in. have a reputation for hiding debt levels, something.

Excessive debt was a key cause of the global financial crisis, but 11 years on world debt is much. placed on most.

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A concern, not a crisis. High household debt represents a risk to Australia’s economic outlook as high debt could amplify or lengthen an economic downturn.

1) Even if debt sustainable, if government cannot roll over debt then default is forced if borrowing is in foreign currency, or monetisation occurs if debt is in own currency. Even small probability of default requires a risk premium on debt, which by raising cost of debt, makes default more likely.

 · The Scale of the Debt Crisis. For the poorest countries debts to multilateral institutions is around $70 billion. $550 billion has been paid in both principal and interest over the last three decades, on $540bn of loans, and yet there is still a 3 billion dollar debt burden.

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